StarCasino gives you a double bonus up to 55 €

Would you like to take advantage of 55 Euro extra bonuses? Sign up StarCasino and get your present with 3 new online slot machines on the board: Wolf Gold, Queen of Atlantis or Not Enough Kittens. Let's find out all the details of the offer and how to participate.

StarCasino Bonus Slot Machine Online

StarCasinò are packed with fun to you, Queen of Atlantis and not enough kittens.

Here are the extra bonuses waiting for you:

  • Bonus XL: Download 20 Euro and play at least as much on the new video slots Wolf Gold, Queen of Atlantis and Not Enough Kittens. You get 5 Euro bonus.
  • Bonus XXL: Make a deposit of 100 Euros and spend at least as much on the new games Wolf Gold, Queen of Atlantis and Not Enough Kittens. You will receive an instant bonus of € 50.

A new promotion with StarCasino license, valid until Wednesday, March 14th. You can use both offers to receive bonuses of up to 55 euros.

Terms and Conditions Online Slot Promotion StarCasinò

 StarCasino gives you a double bonus up to € 55 "width =" 300 "height =" 187 "/> You simply make a deposit and enjoy the new <strong> slot machine </strong> Wolf Gold, Queen Atlantis and Not Enough Kittens for an additional bonus of up to 55 Euro. </p>
<p> An initiative, valid until Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 23:59. </p>
<p> Once you receive your bonuses, you can spend them on all the games on the board. </p>
<p> A series of honors that count as a fun bonus. You have 35 bets and a validity of 7 days. </p>
<p> Note that not all games have the same percentage of posts. Further information can be found on the website of StarCasinò </p>
<p> We recommend that you do not pay out before completing the wagering requirements, otherwise both the bonus and winnings will be canceled. </p>
<p> A new promotion you will find on this famous AAMS platform of the group <strong> Betsson </strong> international giant in betting and casino business. </p>
<p> A game room not only characterized by fabulous bonuses, but also a palimpsest among the richest in the Italian scene. </p>
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Turbo Series Main Event Online Poker: 32,000 euros to "- r_secret_7"

The Turbo Series of PokerStars with the player "- r_secret_7" triumphed in the Rich Main Event There were four tournaments of Online Poker for the final day of the series. Here are all the details.

No Limit Hold & Progressive KO € 50

PokerStars was a No Limit Hold & Progressive KO with one Buy-in of 50 euros and guaranteed prize money of 75,000 euros.

To triumph the player "paSqualo92" who won a first coin of 8,782 euros, after having a deal with the other players "sbruf10" (4.256 euros), "Gliaglia80" (4.149 euros) and "JaAAcy" (4,683 euros).

There were a total of 1,577 members.

After Paying the Final Table:

  1. paSqualo92 – 8,782 euros (Deal)
  2. sbruf10 – 4,256 euros (Deal)
  3. Gliaglia80 – 4,149 euros (Deal)
  4. JaAcy – 4,683 Euros (Deal)
  5. alealy – 1,577 euros
  6. balolello993 – 1.246 Euro
  7. mirkovic1974 – 1,121 euros
  8. ASMODEO357 – 1.037 Euro
  9. Rubber304 – 715 Euro

Main Event Online Poker 100 € Turbo Series 2018

 PokerStars Online Poker Turbo Series "width =" 300 "height =" 204 "/> The highlight of the PokerStars Turbo Series was, of course, the <strong> Main Event </strong> with over € 250,000 in prize money total. </p>
<p> It took 8 hours of playing time to determine the winner of the event, the player "r_secret_7", for almost € 32,000 of the first prize. </p>
<p> Runner-up "milkorr" with a prey of 28,199 euros, on the lowest level of the podium he was placed with 17,188 euros "guardamibene". </p>
<p> In total there were 2,814 members of the event, for a prize pool of 253,260 euros </p>
<p> Here's the payout of the final table: </p>
<li> r_secret_7 – 31,199 euros (Deal) </li>
<li> Milororr – 28,199 Euros (Deal) </li>
<li> guardamibene – 17.188 euros </li>
<li> OraToccaATe – 12,062 Euro </li>
<li> oOo-Perrier – 8,365 euros </li>
<li> rino377 – 5,940 euros </li>
<li> alfio2276 – 4,169 euros </li>
<li> Sombrero80 – 2,926 Euro </li>
<li> REISOLINE – 2.053 Euro </li>
<h2> High Roller Online Poker 250 € </h2>
<p> The 250 € buy-in event with guaranteed prize money of 125,000 € ended with the victory of the "SeetheSun54" player, who cashed a first coin of 21,121 €. Second place "raffa_N5" for a reward of 15,377 euros. </p>
<p> The lowest level of the podium reaches "Alesiena17" for 11.196 euros. </p>
<p> In total there were 508 participants in the tournament. </p>
<p> After the ample payout of the Final Table: </p>
<li> SeetheSun54 – 21.121 Euro </li>
<li> raffa_N5 – 15,377 euros </li>
<li> alesiena17 – 11.196 euros </li>
<li> HOOMAGOO – 8,152 euros </li>
<li> suegno6296 – 5,935 euros </li>
<li> domy987 – 4,321 Euro </li>
<li> easycallxxx – 3,146 euros </li>
<li> lucalaserpe – 2.291 Euro </li>
<li> unika2010 – 1,668 euros </li>
<h2> No Limit Hold'em 6 Max € 15 </h2>
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