888poker Bonus Ottomania: up to € 100 extra

Win Rich 888poker Bonus Thanks to the "Ottomania" promotion: up to 100 Euros extra waiting for you! To win your prize, you simply win a pot of 88 in your hand. Discover with us the participation and all conditions to use this initiative.

888poker bonus up to € 100 extra

To take advantage of this exceptional offer, all you need to do is enjoy fun at SNAP Cash Tables, and thus benefit from a number of high rewards.

SNAP is the game mode of fast poker which allows you to fold your cards immediately and immediately receive two more cards to stay in the center of the action.

These days you can also use the "Ottomania" on the platform of 888poker an initiative that will be active until April 8, 2018.

You can receive a maximum of 3 prices per day and thus wait for you on 888.it 300 euros.

In detail, after the flop, you receive 3 additional pots at SNAP tables with a minimum blind level of 0.05 € / 0.10 € and at least 3 settled players.

Ottomania: Conditions of Carriage

 888poker Bonus Ottomania: up to € 100 extra "width =" 300 "height =" 164 "/> A signed initiative 888poker valid until 11:59 am on April 8, 2018. </p>
<p> Please note that each time you win a pot in cash games in SNAP mode, you will receive an additional bonus of up to $ 100 if you meet the following requirements: </p>
<li> The pot must be won on the flop. </li>
<li> The table you sit in must have blank values ​​of at least € 0.05 / € 0.10. </li>
<li> You have to win the pot with a pair of 8, no matter what color you have. </li>
<li> At least 3 players must be at the table. </li>
<p> You can receive up to 3 additional prizes per day. For the validity of the offer, we consider the daily time between 00:00 and 23:59. </p>
<p> All <strong> 888poker Bonus </strong> will be instantly credited to your player account. </p>
<p> The bonuses are valid for 60 days and a wagering requirement of 3, or you have to bet them three times before you can pick them up. Easy and fast. </p>
<p> A new 888poker action limited to one per household, even if multiple computers are at the same address. </p>
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