Live Poker, The Return of David Pham: Won $ 456,000 in March!

The well-known poker player David Pham triumphed at Wynn Spring Classic and ] WSOP Circuit Los Angeles in just over a week, bringing a loot home of $ 456,000! The legendary " The Dragon " is again great when only a few months are left at the beginning of World Series of Poker 2018 .

Live Poker: A David Pham in Good Shape

may be pleased with this first part In fact, it's not all that in two big tournaments, in just over a week, you'll achieve a great double and triumph.

On March 1, the legendary "The Dragon" triumphed at the Wynn Spring Classic, bringing a first coin worth $ 240,254

Not satisfied, after a few days he reached the end of the WSOP Circuit Los Angeles and won a prize of $ 216,790.

Wynn Spring Classic and WSOP Circuit Los Angeles: The Victories of Pham

 Live poker, the return of David Pham: won $ 456,000 "wide =" 300 "height =" 213 "/> The <strong> Wynn Spring Classic </strong> recorded a total of 984 entries, with share of $ 1,600 attendance and total prize money of $ 1,431,720. </p>
<p> <strong> David Pham </strong> succeeded in overcoming all opponents, including Kurt Jewell, vice-champion of the event. </p>
<p> After the ample payout of the final table of the tournament: </p>
<li> David Pham $ 240,254 </li>
<li> Kurt Jewell $ 158,250 </li>
<li> Danny Wong $ 108,095 </li>
<li> Andy Su $ 76,597 </li>
<li> Noam Muallem $ 56,410 </li>
<li> Julian Parmann $ 43,954 </li>
<li> Alberto Sabogali 35,363 dollars </li>
<li> Alexis Shankle $ 29,307 </li>
<p> At <strong> WSOP Circuit Los Angeles </strong> <strong> "The Dragon" managed to get the most out of a total of 705 entries </strong> on March 10th, an event that had a buy-in of $ 1,675 and a prize pool of more than a million dollars. </p>
<p> In the end, David Pham also defeated Tom Braband heads-up, with a pair of 10s that withstood his compatriot's threesome. </p>
<p> Worthy of note is the unbelievable hand that cost ninth place at <strong> Kevin Gimbeler by Kristy Arnett </strong> (then fifth): The Arnett transformed A-Q and Kevin Gimbler K-K. The flop was as follows: 7 6 6. What appeared on the turn and river? First a 6 and then a 6! </p>
<p> Here's the rich payoff for the final table of the event: </p>
<li> David Pham $ 216,790 </li>
<li> Tom Braband 134,145 dollars </li>
<li> Owen Crowe $ 98,390 </li>
<li> Nick Palma 73.170 dollars </li>
<li> Kristy Arnett $ 55,150 </li>
<li> Adam Miller $ 42,120 </li>
<li> Adam Swan $ 32,590 </li>
<li> Martin Carnero $ 25,550 </li>
<li> Kevin Gimble $ 20,285 </li>
<li> Brett Murray $ 16,305 </li>
<p> Pham admitted that during his interview with, he spent ten fabulous days in which he was sure he was physically and mentally very good. </p>
<p> Thanks to these two recent victories <strong>the total profit of American professional poker in live performances was over $ 10 million. </strong> </p>
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