How It Works

Snap. Laugh. Share.

SnapDash blends together a camera, a ticking clock, and the best of charades and Improv comedy to create a one-of-a-kind app that turns every selfie or photo into a performance.

Pick It Out

Pick It Out

Select from 20+ unique categories to generate random posing idea (the “Snaption”)

Shout It Out

Shout It Out

If playing with others, announce the Snaption as quickly as possible

Act It Out

Act It Out

Before the clock runs out (3-6-9 secs), communicate and get into position

Send It Out

Send It Out

Share with others the extent of your creativity (or lack thereof)

Just A Taste


This Is Us

2:1 Ratio, Human to Dog

Daniel Hanks

Daniel Hanks Co-Founder / Chief Doer

His overwhelming (some would say obnoxious) desire to make his friends laugh served as the genesis behind SnapDash

He oversees the experience of SnapDash, writes the vast majority of the content, and laughs at his own jokes thrice an hour

Meredith Balenske

Meredith Balenske Co-Founder / Voice of Reason

Early on, her insight and guidance served as the North Star as SnapDash grew from an idea to a reality

When not fake laughing at her co-founder’s jokes, she focuses on improving the simplicity of the SnapDash story and experience


Apperto Development Shop

Based in Istanbul, Apperto is a boutique software development shop focusing on iOS and rapid web apps development

Apperto designs and builds apps together with its clients, part-time developers and partnering agencies


Dooley French Bulldog / Mini Bear-Pig

A 1-year old French Bulldog, Dooley only cares about a few things – making a splash in the world of mobile photos is not one of them

A lover of naps, she likes jumping into bath tubs and displaying no self-awareness that other dogs are sometimes too large for her

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